Myanmar's labour force constitutes one of the primary resources of the Country. Fairly well trained manpower and skilled labour are available for most industrial activities. Due to its traditional emphasis on education, the literacy rate in Myanmar is fairly high. Required qualified manpower can be recruited through the township labour offices.

Procedures for Recruitment of Workers

Wages and Salaries

Wages and Salaries of workers in the private enterprise are usually fixed on mutual agreement between the employers and the workers. At present, the minimum daily wage for an unskilled worker in the State sector is K 20. There are variations in wage scales according to the type of skill.

Labour Welfare Amenities and Other Entitlements

     Working Hours
	(a)	At shops, companies, trading centres,        		8 hrs a day
		services enterprises, entertainment houses  		48 hrs a week
	(b)	In factories, oil fields and mines           		8 hrs a day
                                                 				44 hrs a week
	(c)	Factories engaged in continuous process     		48 hrs a week
	(d)	In underground mines                         		8 hrs a day
                                                 				40 hrs a week

Leaves and Holidays

Social Security Benefits

Private enterprises employing more than five workers are covered by the Social Security Act 1954 Contributions to the schemes are to be made according to ten catagories of income group of the employees. The employer contributes 2 per cent of the insured wages of the employees. The workers insured under the Act are entitled, apart from free medical care to cash sickness benefit, cash maternity benefit, funeral grants, temporary disability benefit, permanent disability benefit and Survivors Ż pension

WorkmenŻ Compensation

If a worker who is not insured with the Social Security Scheme suffers work injury and causing tempory or permanent disability or death in case of accidents arising out of and in the course of employment, the employer is liable to pay compensation for that worker according to the Workmen's Compensation Act.

Settlement of Trade Disputes

A systematic and effective machinery has been established under the Ministry of Labour for settlement of trade disputes. There are also ways and means for preliminary negotiation and conciliation at the township level.


The Department of Labour can help the foreign enterprises in scrutinizing the Work Rules and Employment Contracts so that they may be in conformity with the provision of the existing Myanma' s Labour Law.


Prepared by THAN TUN WIN, Embassy of the Union of Myanmar , Brussels