General Information
Appendix 1

List of Economic Activities Eligible for Foreign Investment


Cultivating, producing, processing and marketing of seasonal agricultural crops (including tapioca and tobacco).

Establishing of plantations (including medicinal plants, coffee, tea, palm oil, horticulture, etc.) and producing, processing and marketing of their produce.

Livestock and Fishery

Livestock breeding, processing, canning and marketing of livestock and its products (including pig breeding and pork processing etc.)

Production and marketing of animal feeds, additives, supplements and veterinary medicines.

Breeding, fishing, processing, and marketing of fresh water and marine fish, prawns and other aquatic organisms including fish fry, fingerlings, post larvae of shrimp, but not including breeding and production of fish and prawns in fisheries which have been reserved for research by the Government Production, processing, marketing of all kinds of fish feeds.


Production and marketing of basic construction materials, furniture, parquet etc., using teak extracted and sold by the State-owned economic organizations. (To be carried out jointly with the State-owned economic organisations).

Production and marketing of carvings and handicrafts made of teak that has been extracted and sold by State-owned economic organisations engaged in the extraction and marketing of the same.

Production, processing and marketing of hardwoods (other than teak), bamboo, canel rattan and other forest produce.

Production and marketing of construction material, furniture and other productions using hardwoods (other than teak), bamboo, cane/rattan and other forest produce.


Exploration, exploitation, production and marketing of non-metallic industrial minerals, such as coal, limestone, gypsum, etc.

Marble quarrying and production and marketing of marble blocks and slabs.

Carrying out other quarrying industries and marketing of products thereof.



Personal Goods

Household goods

Leather Products and the Likes

Transport Equipment

Building Materials

Pulp and Paper

Chemicals, Chemical Products and Pharmaceuticals

Iron and Steel

Machinery and Plants

Manufacturing and marketing of pumps of all kinds


Construction enterprises undertaking domestic and overseas construction works including feasibility studies. site investigations, surveying, material testing, engineering design, construction supervision, economic studies and project management.

Transport and Communications


Hotels and Tourist Industries.

Economic Activities to which the State-Owned
Economic Enterprises Law Applies

Appendix 2
Economic Activities Defined Under Section 3
of the State-Owned Economic Enterprises Law

  1. Extraction of teak and sale of the same in the country and abroad;

  2. Cultivation and conservation of forest plantation with the exception of village- owned fire-wood plantations cultivated by the villagers for their personal use;

  3. Exploration, extraction and sale of petroleum and natural gas and production of products of the same;

  4. Exploration and extraction of pearls, jade and precious stones and export of the same;

  5. Breeding and production of fish and prawns in fisheries which have been reserved for research by the Government;

  6. Postal and Telecommunications service:

  7. Air Transport service and Railway Transport service;

  8. Banking service and Insurance service:

  9. Broadcasting service and Television service:

  10. Exploration and extraction of metals and export of the same;

  11. Electricity generating services other than those permitted by law to private and co-operative electricity generating services;

  12. Manufacture of products relating to security and defence which the Government has, from time to time, prescribed by notification.

Procedures Relating to Permission to carry out
Economic Enterprises Defined Under Section 3 of
the State-Owned Economic Enterprises Law

The Government may, in the interests of the State, permit any enterprise which is prescribed under Section 3 of the State-owned Economic Enterprises Law to be carried out solely by the Government, in any of the following form:-

When any citizen or any foreigner applies to carry out any economic enterprise which is prescribed under Section 3 of the said law, the following procedures are required:-


Prepared by THAN TUN WIN, Embassy of the Union of Myanmar , Brussels